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Education & Training

Audit Gaming has developed the simulator to make Accountancy education more effective through extensive integration of theory and practice. The simulator supports in-depth self-study and active lecture forms. The simulator is particularly suitable for umbrella projects.

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Executive Education

Respond flexibly and efficiently to new developments by using the hands-on simulation cases. Fully adjustable on difficulty levels and required learning points, such as manipulations of errors and frauds. The cases can be easily updated for reuse.

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Consultancy: action-based learning

The use of serious  gaming  and in particular action-based  learning  offers many possibilities. We can advise on the possibilities and challenges of  serious  gaming, action-based  learning  in accountancy education.


Accountants performances are under serious discussion. Where were the accountants? -Was a common question, when several banks collapsed and one accounting scandal followed the other.

Joost van Buuren is Professor of Auditing & Assurance at Nyenrode Business University. One of Joost’s passions is: innovation in accountancy education. His own experience as a practicing  accountant is very useful. He established AuditGaming in 2012 to strengthen the professional critical attitude, the ‘watchdog’-function and the added value of accountants. Serious  gaming  enables accountants to gain essential experience with specific, critical circumstances that can occur every day.  


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Interested in what advantages the simulator can offer your organization? For more information, an appointment or a free quote, please contact Joost van Buuren, by telephone or by filling in the form below.

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