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Case Furniture Company

This case concerns the furniture company, called 'Meulenborg' . This company designs and sells furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables and cupboards. Meulenborg has commissioned furniture built abroad. This company also trades in vintage furniture and offers brokerage advice. Finally, Meulenborg develops furniture for nursing homes and develops robotic chairs. To relieve the nursing homes, Meulenborg offers turnkey project management for the renovation of departments. Meulenborg furniture will of course be used for the renovation. All in all different activities, each with their own risk profile. All in all, Meubenborg is a typical SME company: flexible, driven and informal in nature.


The owner-manager has gained a lot of experience as a furniture maker and is a visionary who wants to realize his dreams through innovations. Expansion investments are also planned for this.


The case has been developed for simulation apprenticeship for Dutch AA- and RA- accountants. Three assignments are available:

  • review engagement (2400 statement)

  • subsidy audit engagement (800 statement)

  • the examination of prospective financial information (3400 statement)



The case includes a lot of company data and with webcasts with an explanation of the case and internal procedures. The standard case offers starting points for various courses, such as auditing, accounting, tax, controlling, automated information systems & IT.



Meulenborg is particularly suitable for training at the level of starting professionals, the AA and RA apprenticeships and senior BSc students and MSc students.


This case was created in cooperation with Avans +, university of applied sciences which offer post-BSc training and apprenticeship -courses for AA-accountants.

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