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Case TradingCompany

This case is about TradingCompany: a webshop specialized in the sale of laptops. A recently established, fast growing company with ambitious goals. The owner-manager has gained a lot of experience as a buyer for an international supermarket chain. TradingCompany seeks best budget deals : realizing top deals for its customers. However, competition is fierce and margins are very thin ... The bank requires a control statement because of the granted loans .


The application of the trade case is:

- audit assignment financial statements

- dashboard information


The introduction of an additional IT-audit module is planned for the autumn of 2020. This module aims to support a modern IT approach of an ERP system in the financial statement audit.


The case is completely detailed with a lot of company data and with webcasts with explanations of the case and internal procedures. The standard case offers starting points for various courses, such as auditing, accounting, tax, controlling, finance and accounting information systems IT.


Laptopworld is particularly suitable for acquiring basic skills at the beginning level (foundation year / bachelor / master).

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