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Meulenborg is a simulated company that:

  • trades in new and vintage furniture

  • Furniture designs and commissioned production

  • Projects with refurbishment of nursing homes

Various assignments are available:

  • review engagement (ISA 2400)

  • subsidy auditors' report (ISA 800)

  • assurance engagement forward-looking information (ISA 3400)


This simulation case is suitable for the apprenticeship AA / RA and senior students of polytechnics and universities. The practical internship assignment was developed in collaboration with Avans +.

Currently only available in Dutch. Please contact us for possibility for English versions of the case.

TradingCompany is a simulated web-based company that trades in laptops and related articles.

This simulation case is suitable for BSc and MSc courses for:

  • financial statement audit

  • dashboard information and other data analysis assignments

  • business process modeling assignments.

The additional IT module is currently available module, including all primary steps to conduct a modern IT-integrated audit. Also an application of process mining is available.

Use and costs

The simulation assignments are made available in a web-based environment. Students can work on the assignments at home or on location, as long as an internet connection is available.

Licenses can be purchased in bulk by organizations or by students individually. Licenses are valid for a specific period and can be used indefinitely, for example for multiple courses and assignments simultaneously.

Cases are updated periodically with new data sets and new fiscal years. Extensive manuals are available for teachers explaining the cases and manipulations.

For more information about usage and costs, please contact us.

Uitleg case
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